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Information for SDAWP Fellows

SDAWP Fellows are teachers who have completed the Invitational Summer Institute (SI), SDAWP's cornerstone teacher leadership program. Since 1977, more than 400 teachers have participated in the SI and many remain active members of the SDAWP community. Socially responsible approaches to teaching writing provide for a variety of SDAWP-sponsored and collaborative roles for our teacher leaders, including local school and district reform efforts that support the education and success of San Diego's culturally and linguistically diverse student population.

SDAWP Writes

An Open Digital Space for SDAWP Fellows to Virtually Connect

A common refrain from those who have experienced the Summer Institute (SI) is our wish to stay connected to a dynamic community of writer-educators and to be reminded and urged to write and share on a regular basis. We have created a Google+ community to serve those goals and to continue to share and grow together long after the end of the SI. Regular 'make cycles' or prompts are meant to inspire your creativity and get you excited about writing . . . in all the ways that writing now exists in our world.

Your link to access SDAWP Writes: https://plus.google.com/communities/104541244756866831599?sqinv=NDdDeVU5N1hkcG1rWjIzZFlMeDlNcTh4UmEwdnlR

You can participate in SDAWP Writes by going to this link and joining (if you do not have a Google+ account, you will need to create one). We highly recommend setting your notifications for "on." Without notifications, it's easy to miss the activity on the site. Join the fun, share your thinking, your writing, your ideas about the importance of writing, on SDAWP Writes. There are multiple ways to participate. Just look on the Google+ SDAWP Writes homepage and look for About Community.

If you have ideas about future make cycles and would like to be involved "behind the scenes," let us know. We welcome your ideas and help! Just email us at sdawp@ucsd.edu

Study Groups

In addition to participating in the SI, many SDAWP Fellows and selected colleagues participate in teacher research Study Groups, which provide a powerful forum for dialogue and help to broaden understanding of reflective practices.

The San Diego Area Writing Project (SDAWP) continues to support teachers as they inquire into teaching and learning in their own classrooms. Monthly Study Group meetings (October-February) provide a forum for SDAWP Fellows and colleagues to engage in professional, informing conversations, collect observational and related data, write and respond in small groups, and read professional texts, articles, and case studies. Visit our Study Group Blog to learn more.

Groups are designed to assist and support teachers at all grade levels and in all subject areas as they examine how their students learn, with the intention of both improving their teaching practice and improving student learning.

Teacher researchers consider various approaches to classroom inquiry that focus on teacher observation, documentation, reflection, implementation, analysis, and articulation, both oral and written, as a recursive process.

Dates for 2017-2018 will be announced in September.

For more information about participating, please email SDAWP Director Kim Douillard.

For additional resources, visit the Teacher Research page.

A Strong Research Base

The SDAWP believes in the professionalism of teachers. As professionals we read, discuss and write about current research. Focusing on current issues related to teaching and learning, participants in our programs read books and articles on such topics as:

  • Teaching academic writing /writing to learn
  • Inquiry-based instruction
  • Enriching mandated curricula
  • Responding to student writing
  • Developing effective writing assignments
  • Using informal writing to scaffold learning

Academic research serves to broaden the knowledge base of participants in our programs and provide a classroom-based foundation for that knowledge.